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I have an advanced degree in Economics and worked in Washington, DC for 17 years, before moving with my husband and two miniature poodles to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I lived and worked from 2000 to 2004. Doha, Qatar has been my residence since 2004, and I worked for Shell Oil Company in Qatar before becoming a published writer relating intercultural experiences between the Arab world and U.S./west. My published works have appeared in magazines in the United States, England, and Qatar. I created a blog so my readers can find out more about what it’s like to live in the Arabian Peninsula, at least through my eyes.

Studying Pre-Calculus


Tristan, 11th grader at ASD, is studying Pre-Calculus (trigonometry) with Mr. Bishara.


Analyzing Poems


Giovanni, senior at American School of Doha, is analyzing and annotating “unseen poems” focusing on gender roles, including “The Applicant” by Sylvia Plath, and “Love” (from collection of poems) by Emily Dickinson.