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Analyzing Poems


Giovanni, senior at American School of Doha, is analyzing and annotating “unseen poems” focusing on gender roles, including “The Applicant” by Sylvia Plath, and “Love” (from collection of poems) by Emily Dickinson.


Congratulations on Academic Improvement


Giovanni, 11th grader at American School of Doha, displayed one of the highest levels of academic improvement at his school (for his grade level) in Global Politics, Film, English, Algebra II, and Computer Science. We are very proud of you, Giovanni!

DSCF0351 - Copy

We congratulate Abdulrahman, 9th grader at ASD, on his significant academic improvement in Algebra I, Fundamentals of Chemistry and Physics, English, and Geography this past school year. Wishing you continued academic success next year, Abdulrahman!