“I am pleased to be able to recommend Mr. Bishara Shbat as a tutor for AP physics, AP chemistry and AP calculus. . . . Mr. Shbat has excellent communication skills, and a love for Science and Math that makes him truly dedicated to his students. He works tirelessly to inspire and help his students to perform to a very high level.  While Mr. Shbat has several strengths, I would especially like to point out his strong ability to motivate students.  He has always shown a great interest in his student’s progress and pays attention towards students needing special assistance or attention.”  Dalia ~ Mother of 12th grader at American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

“We went to Ms. Michele to help my son, Isaiah, with his Personal Statement/Essays for admission to an American university.  Not long afterwards, we submitted the application that Ms. Michele helped my son with, and not only was he accepted at the university, but he was offered a Scholarship, as well.  Ms. Michele helped to very effectively convey Isaiah’s academic accomplishments, as well as the successes he has achieved through extracurricular activities.  Ms. Michele was able to translate my son’s strengths into a very strong Personal Statement and Essays.  We are also working on an Essay for a scholarship in association with the Naval Officer program, as well as an FAFSA Scholarship.  In addition, Isaiah sees Ms. Michele for tutoring two times a week to help prepare him for his SAT and ACT exams.  Ms. Michele has helped my son become more confident during test times as a result of the comprehensive preparation she provides.  Desert Horizons Tutoring has been really helpful for my son, academically. On top of all of this, Ms. Michele and Mr. Bishara are really loving and caring teachers.  We are really happy knowing that there is a place like Desert Horizons Tutoring that can assist my son to be the best he can be.” Rachel Stearns ~ Mother of 12th grader (year 13) at Doha College (Doha, Qatar)

“In the past year that Michele has been tutoring my son, in addition to significant improvements in my son’s grades, I have seen a boost in his confidence.  Michele has helped my son comprehend literary terminology and techniques, as well as write well thought out essays.  Michele is not only an effective tutor, but she is a very caring individual and has played an important role in mentoring my son’s academic life.  My son has gained a new set of skills from Michele which has lead him to be a more independent and motivated student.  Thanks to Michele, he will carry these new set of skills throughout his educational career.”  Kimberley ~ Mother of 11th grader at American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

“Since Mr. Bishara and Ms. Michele started tutoring my son, he has shown tremendous growth in Math and English and has won a couple of awards at school.  Mr. Bishara and Ms. Michele both share a passion for teaching.  They also possess the skills that any parent would want their children’s teachers to have.  They are dedicated, and committed to helping children not only learn their subject matter but also develop their self-confidence, study skills and learning habits that would be helpful to them for the rest of their lives.  I find Mr. Bishara and Ms. Michele to be caring, and creative in developing ways to adapt to every student’s learning needs.”  Parent of 11th grader (Doha, Qatar)

“Since that first week until today I have only received the best of attention and support for my son.  Going to Mr. Bishara’s house turned out to be as amazing as my son returns home knowing exactly how to complete his homework, his work is organized and he also can now sleep earlier.  Mr. Bishara spends time explaining schoolwork rather than doing schoolwork, as many other tutors do.  Within a short time, I not only saw my son’s grades greatly improve, but also his confidence in himself and gaps in his learning and studying skills began to improve.  Mr. Bishara also often sends extra support for my son to practice when he has difficulty in an area and needs extra practice for an upcoming test.  My son works hard with Mr. Bishara and the end results have been truly worthwhile.  Mr. Bishara also communicates with parents whenever necessary and sends e-mails of support to the students when they do well, and e-mails to remind students to review and study when they need to work harder.  Mr. Bishara really has been a wonderful support in my son’s academic life.”  Reem ~  Mother of 10th grader at American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for all of the efforts you have taken to teach my children.  From day one, they enjoyed each and every class of yours, and look forward to go to school everyday with higher confidence because of your tutoring classes.  I really appreciate the way you helped them learn their subjects.  However, by making the lessons innovative, you not only helped them in getting good scores in all subjects, but also in developing a keen liking for most of their subjects.  I have no doubt in stating that you did a great job in shaping my children’s future in a brighter way.  I thank you, again, for all of the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.” Father of 8th grader and 10th grader at American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

“Bishara and Michele provide invaluable support to students and are always on hand when needed close to exams to provide extra help, encouragement and enlightenment.  Bishara and Michele communicate well with parents on their student’s progress, disposition, and with teachers on their curriculum.  The Shbats really care about the success of each student and go above and beyond to ensure their students are well prepared when submitting assignments or entering a testing environment.  I unreservedly recommend their tutoring services to those seeking assistance.” Mother of 10th grader at American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

“Bishara is a tutor who understands kids.  He is a warm, kind, and compassionate human being, who connects and builds rapport with students.  They trust him and they know that he cares about them as a person, and also about helping them to do their best, to learn, and to become more successful.  Bishara listens to the students’ concerns and helps them to solve problems.  He is able to motivate students to apply themselves more fully and to feel better about themselves as learners.  Bishara is a tutor who will go the extra mile.  Bishara takes the initiative to come into school to meet with the teachers directly to find out what the needs are and how he can help the student to learn.  He also keeps up with the student, teachers, and families via e-mail consistently.  He is a communicator and understands that a tutor must coordinate with the classroom teacher if a student is really going to learn and progress.  Teachers appreciate Bishara’s professionalism and willingness to apply strategies and suggestions in the tutoring sessions.  Bishara makes a difference in the lives of the students with whom he works!”  Counselor at American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

“Bishara and his wife, Michele, welcomed our daughter into their home two afternoons each week and provided tremendous tutoring support of her in AP Chemistry and Honors Physics.  Bishara was able to enhance our daughter’s understanding of the subject material and increase her interest and enthusiasm for these important science subjects.  We plan to continue to engage his services in our daughter’s senior year of High School and would highly recommend his services to anyone who has a desire to learn, and needs competent support in an encouraging learning environment.”   Gerri ~ Mother of 11th grader at American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

“It was on a recommendation from my son’s ASD Geometry teacher that we found Bishara and I thank him very much for that.  On meeting Bishara for the first time I came away thinking, this man is one professional tutor.  His home was set up comfortably but very professionally like a small classroom with a whiteboard, and as we talked and he talked to my son it became immediately apparent that Bishara knew exactly how to help my son.  Bishara was completely familiar with the ASD Curriculum for Geometry and Algebra 2, and even while we were with him, Bishara looked up to see what tests were coming up for our son in an effort to get his grades up as soon as he could and started working with him straight away to that effect.  I was so impressed.  As soon as our son started to have regular sessions with Bishara his grades improved.  An added bonus for us was also when my son started to receive Arabic tutoring from Bishara as well, as this was also a new school subject for him and one he was completely lost in.  With all this added extra work, two hour sessions a week on top of a heavy school workload, never once has my son ever complained about going to Mr. Bishara.  I truly think this is a testament to the way Bishara communicates with his pupils.  Bishara makes the sessions enjoyable and he treats and talks to his students in a very encouraging and positive manner.”  Julia ~ Mother of 10th grader at American School of Doha (ASD)


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